Making Peace With My Sensitive Soul

It was around this time of year in 2014. I was feeling a sense of joy and stability in my life that I had never felt before. And I was also terrified that someone or something would come along and knock it all down. I know this feeling well. I am sure you do too, especially if you are a sensitive soul like me. At the time, I had no idea how I had somehow ended up feeling SO good. I had been into nutrition, ecstatic dance and yoga for years, maybe that was what did it? I was in love with my job, in love with my boyfriend (now husband), and feeling full of joy.  But this sensitive soul knew there were still SO many unresolved issues. They were blocking me from following my wild heart to live the life that I knew I was meant to live. I was not expressing myself fully, mostly because I had no idea how to authentically do that. I felt unclear on my soul calling but I knew that there was something more waiting for me. And I knew that my healing relied on me listening to the call and committing to this journey. I spent few years seeing a naturopathic doctor, then an acupuncturist, then a holistic psychiatrist, then various other holistic practitioners. I had always hoped that one of them would be successful in helping me. No one was. I was hoping to be "saved" and it was not happening. Change was happening, but it was very slow moving. Beyond that, even the holistic modalities that I tried would sometimes overwhelm my nervous system. My body needed gentler techniques. But I wanted a dramatic breakthrough like everyone else seemed to have on these healing journeys. Isn’t that what is supposed to happen? Whoa. I was waaaaaaayyy off on this point in particular. My body went through various phases where it felt like it was betraying me. I had several years of very unstable sleep, I had anxiety more intensely than ever, I had mysterious food allergies, and I developed a stress ulcer that I suffered from constantly in the months before my wedding. Basically I had unleashed a backlog of unprocessed emotions, mostly fear and grief, that resulted in these chronic health issues. It was debilitating. I felt desperate, hopeless and exhausted a lot of the time. This was my dark night of the soul.  It took a deep commitment to gentle, body based nervous system supports to really reconnect me with my power and vibrant nature. It is so clear to me now that I needed to learn these lessons one way or another. I chose the hard way. Would not recommend. What I would recommend is a 3-session prenatal package to establish some real movement in a clear direction on your healing journey. I promise you that you will start to shine a light on your deepest soul desires. This work will profoundly influence your love and sex life, increase ease in parenting, improve sleep quality, and create greater freedom from issues relating to thyroid dysfunction, migraines, skin rashes/acne, infertility and menstrual cycle issues, digestive issues, and stress-induced weight changes.

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Lauren is a perinatal nurse, birth doula and herbal consultant specializing in transformational emotional support in pregnancy, parenting, and during other periods of personal growth. She supports people through one on one coaching, classes, and online resources to create a support system through the use of herbs and body based techniques.