Photo by Lisandra Vazquez

The Transformational Wellness Series

I currently offer coaching and herbal support for those who have reached the end of their patience amidst a wellness crisis. Here are some details of what you will receive in a coaching package with me:

  • 12 one-hour coaching sessions over 6 months

  • Gentle, well-paced guidance that respects both your boundaries & your nervous system 

  • Safe herbal support that lays the foundation for gradual and sustainable transformation

  • Writing prompts that encourage perspective shift in challenging moments 

  • Aligning the spiritual self with daily practices

  • Creating social support structures to maintain your resilience long after our time is finished

  • Referrals to holistic specialists as desired

  • Exploration of possible digestive, detoxification, nutritional influences on mood:

    • Nutrient deficiencies​

    • Food sensitivities

    • Hyperactive or sluggish digestion

    • Gut dysbiosis

    • Slow detoxification pathways

  • Simple videos and worksheets to keep you focused on your power to heal yourself


​​Price: $2500 up front or $650 deposit and then $430 each month for the following 5 months ($2800 total). A six session package may also be arranged based on need.

What this program is NOT

Talk therapy. 


I am NOT a therapist. I do know some fabulous ones if that is what you are seeking.


A deeper dive into chronic physical issues.


If this is your primary concern, I may not be a fit for you.


Spiritual or emotional work that overwhelms the nervous system.


Gentle and gradual are my style.


Strictly an educational exchange.


This program goes beyond health education. You mostly teach yourself. I encourage gentle shifts and hold the space while you bloom.


A perpetual cycle in which you work with me for years. 


The purpose of this work is for you to be able to navigate yourself as we approach the end of our time together.


A trauma workshop.

I aim to create trauma responsive containers for deep inner work. I am still training so that I can offer in depth trauma resolution work in the future.