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Prenatal Doula Services

Who this is for:


People seeking extra herbal and body-centered emotional support and preventive strategies to alleviate insomnia, depression, and anxiety during and after pregnancy. This pairs beautifully with birth doula services or other types of birth support.

What you will experience:

  • Benefits: 

    • Improved relationship quality

    • More pleasurable sexual intimacy

    • Better sleep

    • Reduced frequency & strength of symptoms anxiety, panic, low mood, insomnia, and related discomforts

    • More ease in parenting

    • Increased energy for the things you love to do

    • Increased ability to ask for (and receive!) what you need

  • Gentle guided support that respects both your boundaries & your nervous system 

  • Custom herbal remedies to support your wellness goals

  • Birthing rights education

  • Optimal birthing positions and practices 

  • Daily practices to keep your toughest symptoms at bay 

  • And my favorite part, bonus material! I am including two of my most valuable workbooks that encourage perspective shift in challenging moments


​​Price: $600 for 3 sessions: A two-hour intake, 90 minute follow up session plus a bonus 75 minute Q+A call and two workbooks.

What this program is NOT

Talk therapy. 


I am NOT a therapist. I do know some fabulous ones if that is what you are seeking.


A deeper dive into chronic physical issues.


If this is your primary concern, I may not be a fit for you.


Spiritual or emotional work that overwhelms the nervous system.


Gentle and gradual are my style.


Strictly an educational exchange.


This program goes beyond health education. You mostly teach yourself. I encourage gentle shifts and hold the space while you bloom.


A perpetual cycle in which you work with me for years. 


The purpose of this work is for you to be able to navigate yourself as we approach the end of our time together.


A trauma workshop.

I aim to create trauma responsive containers for deep inner work. I am still training so that I can offer in depth trauma resolution work in the future. 

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