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Lauren Fiel, RN

Prenatal Doula  |  Transformational Wellness Coach  |  Herbal Specialist

Herbal Wisdom &

Transformative Wellness

Cultivating the skills you most need to thrive and feel your best in times of transition.

My Philosophy

Pregnancy and birth through the postpartum period can be a time of joy, excitement and connection. For many people, it is also a time of overwhelm, confusion, and sometimes even hopeless feelings. This experience is like other major life transitions, yet we are often not taught about the unique factors influencing the transition to parenthood. I have been able to offer much needed support as a perinatal nurse in a clinic setting. However, the most effective support that I have given and received has a more gradual, holistic approach as opposed to the quick fixes that can serve as temporary relief but lack long term potential. My coaching  with both perinatal and non pregnant clients focuses on gentle and realistic approaches to nervous system resilience that compliment many other conventional and holistic modalities. Specifically, safe approaches to herbal mood support lay the foundation for transformation rooted in the context of the work you are already doing and what we do together.  

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Why hire a transformational wellness coach or prenatal doula?

A different approach

  • You have tried what feels like EVERYTHING with varied results and you know there are some methods still out there that might get you back to feeling like yourself again

  • You want to explore holistic options to create more balance in challenging moments

  • You are looking for something to compliment the self-work you are doing (e.g. therapy)

  • You want guidance from someone who has been there as you figure out what those methods might be.

  • You seek more personalized work than a class or workshop.


  • Increased motivation and energy for the things you love to do

  • Fewer physical pains

  • Improved digestion

  • Greater joy and calm day to day.

  • Improved connection with and support from loved ones

  • Better sleep

  • Better sex

  • Sense of stability such that you can parent, love, and serve with ease and confidence.


Prenatal Doula Services

  • In-depth holistic support to alleviate and prevent insomnia, depression, and anxiety

  • Herbal mood support for pregnancy

  • Routines & rituals for emotional-spiritual wellness

  • Rights-informed childbirth education

  • Writing practices that cultivate receptivity, release, and repatterning

  • Exploring digestive and nutritional influences on mood

  • Movement and body awareness practices

  • Sustainable pace and intentional boundariesto maintain balance and safety in the nervous system

Transformational Wellness Coaching

  • Gentle, well-paced guidance that respects both your boundaries & your nervous system 

  • Herbal support that lays the foundation for gradual and sustainable transformation

  • Aligning the spiritual self with daily practices

  • Decluttering the physical, mental, emotional, social and digital space

  • Writing practices that cultivate receptivity, release, and repatterning

  • Deep exploration of digestive and nutritional influences on mood

  • Movement and body awareness practices

  • Weekly workbooks and videos that encourage perspective shift in challenging moments on subjects like:​

    • Receptivity and release

    • Movement and body awareness​

    • Boundaries

    • Decluttering

“I met with Lauren during a major time of healing in my life. She shared some amazing insights that were echoed by other holistic health professionals. I feel like she is a great fit for the team of healers by my side.”

Sarah B.

“Lauren helped me accept and embrace my feminine side, which I was unexpectedly dying to reveal. While dealing with issues of control, depression, anxiety, hypothyroidism and self worth; I've found the courage to have compassion for myself and a plan towards healing.”

Anna M.

“I am a woman of color who has suffered from digestive sensitivities and I have a family history of trauma and crohns/colitis. I came to Lauren because the general experience I have had with traditional western doctors has been dismissive and myopic in their diagnoses/treatment plans. Tired of the lack of relief, I was so glad to consult with her about my issues. She took so much time to get a full history and understand my issues and goals, and has set me up with the type of supportive care I have been looking for all along. Best of all, she has empowered me to not rely on her but to have the means to continue to manifest good health for myself!  Lauren's approach to healing is compassionate and informed by years of specialized training, she has my highest recommendation.”

Mary G.


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